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December 13, 2012
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Mora Style Belt Knife by wolfofragnarok Mora Style Belt Knife by wolfofragnarok
Rosewood handle with antler and brass ends 1095 440SS mix Damascus steel knife. Comes with a dark brown leather belt sheath. Done in a Mora style. As all ways, it is completely hand made. Steel made by me as well as shaping, handle, and leather work.

Blade Length: 3.25"
Overall Length: 7.25"
Blade Width: 0.75"
Pattern: Raindrop random

Asking Price: $175 + $6 shipping

You can buy it on my site at the following url:

Or if you want, message me and I will arrange a different method.
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I'd like to start with your craftsmanship skills, as i can see they are very good.
The knife is well made, all the pieces "fit" into composition and from what i can see on the pictures are well joined, leaving no gaps, uneven or offset joints, etc. Good work.
The sheath leather work is very clean and seems very solid. Durability of the sheath is important when it goes for knifes and i think you did a great job here. ;]

Now what i think could, in my humble opinion, be improved.
The handle is slanting upwards which is very uncommon in knives for a reason. For ergonomic reasons most handles are either straight or slanted downwards. The other thing that took my attention was the tip. Did you play "throw" with it maybe? :XD: It seems like if the tip is broken off. Tip of a knife is very important as it is used for more precise tasks. I think you could make it less tapered to prevent it from damage but that would also make it more dull. It's a matter of compromise between fine tip and durability and mostly depends on personal requirements but i like my knifes with sharp tips.

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I have seen many a blade in my day, not an expert nor do I know what to look for. What I see is a pretty knife with a zebra like pattern. A normal looking case holds the blade and gives a a hidden buety sort of feeling. The handle is a wonderful color for wood. All in all... I give it a good grade. Like I said, I ain't no expert, archetecture is my feild. As an architect, I look for beauty, and I have found it in this blade! Good blade! And may you keep doing the work that you love, if it be knives and such... Than so be it.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.

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The-Teaspoon-Of-Doom Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
It's a very beautiful knife, but it's not a Mora style knife. Since it does not follow any of the two basic shapes of a Mora knife.
First of all I never claimed that it was a Mora knife since a Mora knife by definition is a knife manufactured by the town of Mora in Sweden. I do not know what conventions the modern Mora follows, but I do know classic Moras. The conventions I am following are a blade of less than four inches with a general use blade (style of the blade shape and edge) using natural materials for the handle and peening (using a ball pin hammer to peen the tang to the handle) the handle. Everything is hand shaped and hand crafted. I use bench tools and do all shaping, sharping, and polishing by hand. My leather-work is also done by hand. Though my sheaths are not very ornate, what designs they do possess is imparted on them by bone and antler tools.

This is my attempt to recreate a classic style using hand forged metal blades with hand crafted handles. I am not attempting to mimic modern Mora knives, merely their historic counterparts. I wish to make tribute to the classical handcrafted art of the original Moras. I don't want to copy a modern stamped knife.

I appreciate that you have looked at them. I would like to know exactly what the two basic shapes you refer to are. Also, if I have missed design qualities of the older styled Moras I would appreciate knowing what exactly I have missed so that I may take them under consideration.
emeraldmaster Dec 14, 2012  Student General Artist
There is a unique beauty to a well made blade :)
Very nice contrast between the rosewood and the antler too!
Why thank you! I liked the layered appearance too.
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